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Product Category (Circular Connectors)
Circular Connectors
33 Series /  2084 Products
PhotoTotal number of products
Datasheet3D drawingDrawing & SpecProduct InfoInquiryConnector Description
EF1 21 Products
EM 22 Products High Current, Plastic Power Supply Connectors
EM-W 5 Products Waterproof bayonet lock connectors for power supply
EV1 13 Products 125Amp, High-Current, Waterproof Connector
H/MS 58 Products MS type Lower Profile Plug
HA 54 Products Audio Connectors
HR08D 27 Products Small, Waterproof, Push-On Bayonet Lock Connectors
HR10 263 Products Push-Pull Connectors
HR11 15 Products Bayonet lock, Small and lightweight interface
HR12 150 Products Plastic internal molding, Noise prevention, Small and lightweight interface
HR22 55 Products Multipin connectors for NC machine tools and Factory Automation-related equipment
HR24 26 Products Connectors for sensors, NC machine tools and Factory Automation-related equipment
HR25 95 Products Push-pull and screw locking, Small and lightweight interface
HR25A 66 Products Miniature push-pull circular connectors
HR30 72 Products Plastic Waterproof connectors, Small and lightweight interface
HR31 7 Products Interface connectors for Factory Automation Network and NC machine tools
HR34B 63 Products One-step mating small waterproof bayonet lock connectors
HR41 36 Products Plastic-Shelled Waterproof Connectors for Outdoor Use
HR43 4 Products Waterproof, Shock and Vibration Resistant Bayonet Lock Connectors for Railway Vehicles
HS 67 Products Metal outlet, High power supply equipment
JR 107 Products JIS C 5432 standard connectors, Small and lightweight interface
JR*W 181 Products JIS C 5432 standard waterproof connectors
LF 93 Products Waterproof small connector with shielding
MXR 15 Products Push-pull locking
RM 161 Products Round Miniature series, for Electronic and Communication equipment
RM-W 241 Products HRS unique general purpose multipin small waterproof connectors
RP 21 Products Plastic type
RP13 58 Products Plastic assembly
RP17 24 Products Plastic assembly
RP34 13 Products Plastic connectors for AC adapter
RP34L 19 Products Plastic connectors for AC adapter, Small and high power supply
SR30 30 Products Small and lightweight (multipin) interface
SR38 2 Products High Performance, Microminiature Circular Connectors
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