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Product Category (Rectangular Connectors)
Rectangular Connectors
51 Series /  1728 Products
PhotoTotal number of products
Datasheet3D drawingDrawing & SpecProduct InfoInquiryConnector Description
1600 273 Products SUMICON 1600 Series rectangular connectors
3100 12 Products 3100 Series low profile connector for preventing EMI
3200 21 Products 3200 Series SMT connectors for microminiature interfaces
3500 27 Products Long-Life I/O connectors
3800 6 Products High Life Cycle Interface Connectors
CD 20 Products CD Crimp type connector, D-sub connectors
CTF 59 Products CTF series plastic D subminiature shell (accessories)
CTH 20 Products CTH series metalized plastic"D"subminiature shell
DH 85 Products 1mm contact spacing, High-speed transmission small interface connector
DN 32 Products Pin contact interface connectors
DX 118 Products Half pitch interface connectors (HRS unique)
DX*LM 5 Products D-configuration connectors for digital broadcasting equipment
DX*M 107 Products Half pitch interface connectors (General)
EX60B 5 Products Low-Angle Mating / Unmating Interface Connectors
EX80 23 Products 0.6mm contact spacing Docking station connectors
FD 13 Products D-sub connectors, IDC type for ribbon cable
FD*D 18 Products D-sub connectors, IDC type for ribbon cable (Low profile)
FI 39 Products Half pitch interface connectors
GX 11 Products 0.4 mm Pitch, Space-saving Interface Connectors
HD 28 Products D-sub connectors, Soldering type
JDM 2 Products D-sub connectors with coaxial contact
LX 18 Products Ultra Low-profile Interface Connectors with 2.0 mm Mounting Height
MD 7 Products HDMI standard connector
MQ/SF178 19 Products CDMA system mobile phone I/O connectors
MQ115 32 Products Available in Japan Market Only.
MQ138 9 Products Available in Japan Market Only.
MQ172 11 Products Micro-miniature interface connectors for power supply and signals
MQ198 11 Products Available in Japan Market Only.
MQ212 11 Products Available in Japan Market Only.
PQ 79 Products High Power Supply Die-Casting Connector for Industrial Machines
PS2 31 Products High Current Connector
PS3 11 Products
PX 15 Products Power Supply Connectors For Industrial Equipment
QM 20 Products "Micro 70" interface
QR/P 16 Products Rack/panel connectors, Crimping type
QR/P1 53 Products Rack/panel connectors, Crimping type
QR/P15 10 Products Compact rack/panel connectors, Crimping type
QR/P18 34 Products Rack/panel connectors, IDC type
QR/P4 24 Products Rack/panel connectors, Crimping type
QR/P6 11 Products Rack/panel connectors, Crimping type
QR/P8 24 Products Rack/panel connectors, Crimping type
RD*B 7 Products D-sub connectors, Right angle, Through hole type
RD*D 91 Products D-sub connectors, Right angle, Through hole type
RD*F 17 Products D-sub connectors, Right angle, Through hole type, with Ferrite
RD*G 26 Products D-sub connectors, Right angle, Through hole type
SD 36 Products D-sub connectors, Straight, Through hole type
ST 37 Products Miniature interface connector for portable terminal equipment
TJ*A 29 Products Interface Connector for Railway Applications
UX 21 Products USB 2.0 Standard Connectors
ZX 86 Products Micro-USB connectors meeting USB 2.0 Standard
ZX360 8 Products Next Generation I/F Connector Supporting Micro USB 3.0
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