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Product Category (PCB-Board-to-Wire Connectors)
PCB-Board-to-Wire Connectors
71 Series /  4561 Products
PhotoTotal number of products
Datasheet3D drawingDrawing & SpecProduct InfoInquiryConnector Description
A1 50 Products 2.54mm Pitch High Density Connector
A2 49 Products 2.54mm Pitch High Density Connector
A3 172 Products 2mm Pitch Miniature Connector
A3E 10 Products 2mm Pitch Miniature Connector for HDD
A4 40 Products 2mm Pitch Miniature Connector
DF1 138 Products 2.5mm Pitch Connector for Discrete Wire Connection
DF11 414 Products 2mm Double-Row Connector (Product Compliant to UL/CSA Standard)
DF13 343 Products 1.25mm Pitch Miniature Crimping Connector
DF14 115 Products 1.25mm Pitch Super Low profile Crimping Connector
DF19 45 Products 1 mm Contact Pitch, Board-to-Cable, Board-to-FPC, Board-to-Micro-coaxial Cable Connectors
DF1B 313 Products 2.5mm Pitch Connector for Discrete Wire Connection (Product Compliant with UL/CSA Standard)
DF1E 127 Products 2.5mm Pitch Connector for Full Lock and Discrete Wire Connection
DF20 45 Products 1 mm Pitch Double Rows Low Profile Board-to-Cable Connectors
DF21 7 Products 0.6mm Pitch Board-to-Fine-Coaxial Cable Connectors
DF22 113 Products Internal power supply connectors (C-UL, TUV), Discrete wire connectors
DF24 10 Products 0.9 mm Pitch Vertical Mating Board-to-Wire Connectors
DF3 361 Products 2mm Pitch Connector for Discrete Wire Connection(Product approved by UL CSA Standard)
DF33 36 Products 3.3 mm Contact Pitch, Connectors for Internal Power Supplies
DF33C 18 Products
DF36 48 Products 0.4 mm Pitch, 1.5 mm Mated Height, Board-to-Fine Coaxial Cable Connectors
DF38 11 Products 0.3mm contact spacing, vertical connection board-to-fine coaxial cable connectors
DF4 31 Products Direct mounting on the PCB, Crimping connection, Discrete wire connectors
DF49 8 Products 0.4mm contact spacing, Right angle board-to-fine coaxial cable connectors
DF5 42 Products Internal power supply connectors (capable of potting), Discrete wire connectors
DF50 72 Products 1mm Pitch, Board to Cable Lock Connector
DF54 1 Products 0.35mm contact spacing, Vertical mating board-to-fine coaxial cable connectors
DF56 20 Products 0.3 mm Pitch, Vertical mating, Board-to-Fine Coaxial Cable Connectors
DF57 32 Products Board to wire low profile Swing lock connector for power supply
DF59 22 Products 2.0mm contact spacing, 3-way system connectors, Floating (board-to-board), Swing lock (wire-to-board), Short-circuit pin
DF6 13 Products Direct mounting on the PCB, Crimping connection, Discrete wire connectors
DF60 27 Products 45Amp,10.16 mm pitch, Board to Wire Connector for Internal Power Supply
DF61 9 Products Board-to-Wire Swing-Lock Connector for Low-Profile Power Source
DF62 104 Products 2 × 2.2 mm Pitch, Wire-to-Wire Connectors for Small Spaces
DF64 7 Products 4.5 mm pitch, Horizontal Mating 2-Piece System Connectors
DF65 9 Products 1.7 mm pitch, Low Profile Board to Wire Connectors for Power Supplies
DF80 24 Products 0.5mm Pitch, Vertical Connection Board-to-Micro Coaxial Cable Connectors
DF81 23 Products 0.4 mm Pitch, Horizontal Mating, Board-to-Micro-Coaxial Cable Connector
FX15 39 Products 1mm Pitch Cable-to-Board Connectors supporting LVDS signal
FX16 30 Products Next generation high speed connector up to 5.7Gbps.
FX2B 121 Products Half pitch, Ribbon cable IDC connection
GT10 30 Products Ultra-miniature ECU interface connectors <2mm contact spacing>
GT11 29 Products Twinax shielded cable connectors
GT15 50 Products HID head lamp valve socket
GT17 98 Products Automotive LAN connectors
GT17H/HN 180 Products Multi contacts connector for high frequency Application(as USB,LVDS,GVIF)
GT18W 1 Products
GT19 14 Products Connectors for Glass antenna
GT25 38 Products SMT multipin connectors
GT28 11 Products 6.5 mm Pitch, Power Supply Connector for High Current Meeting Automotive Spec.
GT3 15 Products ECU interface connectors
GT32 21 Products 1.5 mm Pitch, High Speed Transmission Shielded Connector Meeting Automotive Spec.
GT6 4 Products High current waterproof connectors for shielded cable
GT7 34 Products ECU interface connectors
GT8 14 Products High-pressure connectors
GT8E 158 Products 2.0mm contact spacing, Highly reliable positive lock, Board-to-wire, Wire-to-wire connectors
HIF12 8 Products Direct mounting on the PCB, Ribbon cable IDC connectors
HIF2C 14 Products Direct mounting on the PCB, Ribbon cable IDC connectors
HIF2E 20 Products Direct mounting on the PCB, Ribbon cable IDC connectors
HIF3A 10 Products Ribbon cable connectors
HIF3B 398 Products Compliant to MIL standard, Ribbon cable connectors
HIF3BA-*PD 15 Products In-line connection, Ribbon cable connectors
HIF3E 25 Products Pin header, Ribbon cable connectors
HIF3F 19 Products Box-shaped, Ribbon cable connectors
HIF4 45 Products Direct mounting on the PCB (3A current capacity), Ribbon cable connectors
HIF5 11 Products Card edge type (1A current capacity), Ribbon cable connectors
HIF6 56 Products Multifunction and multipin, Half pitch connectors, Ribbon cable connectors
HIF6H 13 Products Multifunction and multipin, Half pitch connectors, for 0.635mm pitch cable, Ribbon cable connectors
HNC 86 Products Pin header, Discrete wire crimping connection, Discrete wire connectors
MDF51 4 Products High Voltage Board to Cable Connectors
MDF6 32 Products Internal power supply connectors, Discrete wire connectors
MDF76 9 Products 1.0mm pitch board-to-wire LCD interface connectors
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