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FH12PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.5 mm and 1 mm Pitch FPC/FFC Connectors168 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH19C/FH19SCPCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.5 mm Pitch, 0.9 mm Height, FPC/FFC Connectors96 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH23PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.3mm Contact Pitch, 1.25mm above the board, Flexible Printed Circuit Connectors31 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH26PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.3 mm Pitch, 1.0 mm Height FPC Connector163 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH28PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.5 mm and 1 mm Pitch, 2.55 mm Height FPC/FFC Connectors74 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH29PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.2 mm Pitch, 1.2 mm Height, FPC Connector47 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH30PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.3 or 0.4 mm pitch, 3 mm above the board, Flip-Lock actuator, Flexible Printed Circuit ZIF connectors10 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH33PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.4mm,0.5mm,1mm Pitch, 1.2mm above the board, Flexible Printed Circuit & Flexible Flat Cable ZIF Connectors58 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH35CPCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.3 mm pitch, 0.9 mm height, back flip type dual-sided FPC connector43 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH36PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.3 mm Pitch, 1.0 mm above the board Flexible Printed Circuit ZIF Connectors37 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH39PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.3mm Pitch 1.1mm Height Top and Bottom Contact Back-Flip actuator Flexible Printed Circuit Connectors30 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH40PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.5mm contact spacing, FPC and FFC vertical mounting robust connectors24 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH41PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.5mm pitch, 2.5mm above the board,high speed transmission connector for shielded FFC15 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH42PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.3 mm Pitch, 0.65 mm Height, Top Contact, Back-Flip FPC Connectors12 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH43BPCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.2 mm Pitch, 0.9 mm Height FPC Connectors31 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH48PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.5 mm Pitch, 6.18 mm Height, Vertical Mount, Shielded FFC High Speed Connectors7 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH50PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.5mm Pitch, 3.7mm Height, FPC/FFC Connector with Incomplete Mating and Dust Prevention Features4 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH52PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.5 mm Pitch, 2 mm Height, FPC/FFC ZIF Connectors96 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH53PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.2 mm Pitch, 0.65 mm Height, Top Contact, Back Flip FPC Connector2 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH54PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.2 mm Pitch, 0.9mm Height, Top Contact, Back Flip FPC Connector2 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH55PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.4/0.5 mm Pitch, 1.5 mm Height, High Speed Transmission (5+ Gbps) FPC Connector9 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
FH58PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.2mm/0.25mm Pitch, 0.9mm Height, Top and Bottom Contact, Back Flip, High FPC Retention Force Connector8 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL
TF31PCB-FPC/FFC Connectors0.5mm and 1.0mm Pitch Connector for FFC/FPC32 ProductsDS3DDWG&SPECDETAIL