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Product Category (Memory Card)
Memory Card
18 Series /  219 Products
PhotoTotal number of products
Datasheet3D drawingDrawing & SpecProduct InfoInquiryConnector Description
CB1 2 Products Memory Stick Connectors
DM1 10 Products Secure Digital (SD) memory card connectors
DM2 5 Products miniSD(TM) card connectors
DM3 36 Products microSD card connectors
GT22 10 Products B-CAS ETC Card holder Conformed to ISO7816
IC1 20 Products PC Card Socket Connector Complies with PC card Standard
IC11S 40 Products Single Slot SMT Connectors For Card-Bus Based PC Cards
IC14 16 Products Single Slot SMT Connectors for Card-Bus Based PC Cards
IC15 0 Products PC Card Single Slot SMT Connectors for the AV Market (that Support 5 V Cards)
IC7 5 Products Single Slot Connector for PC Card Type III
IC9 7 Products Card Bus Socket Connectors
ID1 3 Products SIM Card Sockets
ID2 1 Products Smart Card Sockets
MI20/21 25 Products Compact Flash (CF) Card connectors
MRF01 5 Products Push-On Coaxial Connectors (PC Card Type II Mountable)
NX 20 Products I/O Card Interface Connectors
NX1 12 Products Simple Assembly Type PC Card Frame Kits
POD3 2 Products Push-Pull Complete Locking Coaxial Connectors (PC Card Type II Mountable)
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